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Inline WYE Filters

This inline filter for use in control zones on drip systems is now available with male x male threads. The new threads allow easier installation and eliminate the need for schedule 80 nipples in the control zones, saving time and money on every system.

Philmac WYE Filters (Available with 80 or 120 mesh)

  • 20mm / 25mm / 40mm / 50mm

I Inline WYE Filters

  • RBY075MPTX

  • RBY075MPTB 

  • RBY100MPTB

  • RBY100MPTX

  •  IRBY100MPT

Replacement Screens

  • RBY200MX

  • RBY150MX 

  • RBY200MX

Back Flush Filter.jpg

Back Flush Filter

The self-cleaning Back Flush Filter provides scrubbing action with every cycle. This revolutionary filter has a pressure-actuated piston which flushes debris each time the system is turned on and off. With virtually no maintenance, this filter protects your system and is ideal for residential and city water applications.

Back Flush Filter

  • BFF075MPT

  • BFF100MPT

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