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Irrigation Controllers

ESP Modular Series.jpg

ESP Modular Series

The ESP Modular 4 station modular controller with three independent programs, easily expands up to 13 stations with the addition of plug-in modules is designed to maximize your productivity by saving you time and money. It improves upon Rain Bird's already easy-to-use ESP style of programming with a large, easy-to-read display and intuitive programming sequence, making this the most user-friendly controller in its class. The spacious cabinet and terminal locations make installation and wire-up a snap. And features like the Contractor Default™ program makes service calls more efficient and earn you more money by taking less time!

ESP Modular Series

  • ESP-SM3

  • ESP-4Mi

  • ESP-4M

ESP LXi.jpg

ESP-LX+ and LXi+ Series

6, 8, 12, 16, 20, or 24 stations four program hybrid controllers designed for light commercial and residential use. These controllers offer an extensive array of advanced and easy-to-use features for professional irrigation control. The controllers' four independent programs with four independent day cycle modes will accommodate a myriad of diverse irrigation requirements, including low-volume drip applications. A key-lock door and durable cabinet make the ESP-LX Plus controllers easy to install, operate and service, even in the most challenging environments.

ESP-LX Plus and LXi Plus Series - Four Program Hybrid Controllers

  • ESP-6LX Plus

  • ESP-8LX Plus

  • ESP-12LX Plus

  • ESP-16LX Plus

  • ESP-20LX Plus

  • ESP-24LX Plus

  • ESP-8LXi Plus

  • ESP-12LXi Plus

  • ESP-16LXi Plus

IM Series.jpg

IM Series

Advanced stand-alone irrigation management with 12-48 station seven program hybrid controller, upgradeable in four-station modules... The most flexible, full featured irrigation management system available in a stand-alone package. It offers features that maximize water conservation, it provides the flexibility to manage all aspects of your changing landscape, and it makes programming and operation easy. All of these advanced features are packaged in a reliable controller designed for rugged use and long life.

IM Series - Seven Program Solid State Controllers

  • IM-12 

  • IM-16

  • IM-20

  •  IM-24 

  • IM-28 

  • IM-32

  • IM-36

  • IM-40

  • IM-44

  • IM-48

Easy Rainâ„¢.jpg

Easy Rainâ„¢

The Easy Rain™ battery-operated single-valve controller is a professional system designed to automate irrigation on a site where no AC power is available. The quick installation and easy-to-use design make the Easy Rain the perfect choice for watering isolated sites, AC-restricted or wireless areas, drip zones, and greenhouses, and for repairs, testing, and provisional operation of AC-powered irrigation systems during a power interruption.

EASY RAIN™ - Single-Valve Battery-Operated Controller

  • Easy Rain™



The TBOS battery-operated line of burnable controllers allows the use of automatic irrigation in the absence of AC power. TBOS is easy to program, vandal-resistant, and reliable. With a host of flexible features, the TBOS will meet all of your irrigation needs with only a 9V alkaline battery.

TBOS™  - Three-Program Battery-Operated Controller

  • 1-Station Control Module US

  • 2-Station Control Module US

  • 4-Station Control Module US

  • 6-Station Control Module US

  • Field Transmitter US

  • Rain Shut off

  • Quick Programming Guide

  • Potted Latching Solenoid

  • Sol Adapt-Brass Valve

  • Sol Adapt-Plastic Valve

RSD Series Rain Sensor .jpg

RSD Series Rain Sensor 

 Easy to install, durable and visually pleasing rain sensor device suitable for 24VAC residential and commercial applications. This high quality product saves water and extends irrigation system life by automatically measuring precipitation and keeping irrigation systems from watering in rainy conditions.

RSD Series - Rain Sensor 

  • RSD-BEx (rain sensor w/bracket, extension wire)

  • RSD-CEx (rain sensor w/o bracket or extension wire, conduit mount)

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