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Gear-Driven Rotors

Rain Bird® Gear-Driven Rotors are engineered to efficiently manage water. With minimal maintenance requirements, worry-free performance, and maximum water distribution uniformity, they help your course achieve maximum playability and profitability.

All Rain Bird electric golf rotors feature a new GBS25 solenoid. With unmatched 25kV surge protection and built-in filtration for the second level of protection from debris, this solenoid eliminates the most common maintenance tasks that plague competing rotors.

Trusted by golf course professionals everywhere, particularly those in drought-prone areas, these innovative rotors deliver optimal playing surfaces, high durability, and reduced water costs.

Rain Bird 700-751 Series.jpg

Rain Bird® 700/751 Series

Make the most of every rotor with new Rapid-Adjust Technology featuring MemoryArc.™ Available on new Rain Bird®  751 Golf Rotors, this innovative feature allows you to easily adjust watering on greens, fairways, or roughs for unmatched versatility and precise control.

Offering proven Rain Bird durability and distribution uniformity, these cost-efficient rotors are also backward-compatible with existing Rain Bird rotor cases. Doing more when it matters most. That's The Intelligent Use of Water™.


  • 700E: Electric

  • 700IC: Integrated Control

  • 700S/H: Combined use Stopamatic (SAM) or Hydraulic (N.O.)*

  • 700B: Seal-A-Matic™ device

Full- and Part-Circle

  • 751E: Electric

  • 751IC: Integrated Control

  • 751S/H: Combined use Stopamatic (SAM) or Hydraulic (N.O.)*

  • 751B: Seal-A-Matic™device

* N.O. - Normally open

EAGLE™ 900-950 Series.jpg

EAGLE™ 900/950 Series

For fairways and the rough, the EAGLE™ 900/950 rotor series provides superior coverage.

Closed-Case Provides Proven Debris Resistance

True closed-case construction of EAGLE rotors extends the life of the rotor by protecting the motor from debris, outside elements and environmental changes.

The industry's only self-flushing mode at pop-up and pop-down adds another barrier to debris that is crucial in fine sand and silty soil types. The closed-case design also permits installation to grade.


  • EAGLE 900E: Electric

  • EAGLE 900 IC: Integrated Control

  • EAGLE 900S/H: Combined use Stopamatic (SAM) or Hydraulic (N.O.)*


  • EAGLE 950E: Electric

  • EAGLE 950 IC: Integrated Control

  • EAGLE 950S/H: Combined use Stopamatic (SAM) or Hydraulic (N.O.)*

* N.O. -  Normally open

EAGLE™ 351B Series.jpg

EAGLE™ 351B Series

The first golf-quality short-throw irrigation rotor
Residential-grade landscaping rotors eventually crack under the pressure of golf course irrigation systems, but the EAGLE 351B is more durable than any other short-throw rotor, and it has a five-year warranty (when installed with a Rain Bird® swing joint) to back up that performance pledge.

With an ideal adjustable range for tee boxes, small greens, and other limited irrigation areas, the EAGLE 351B uses a nozzle technology that exceeds all other brands, specifically designed for efficient water distribution. Control the arc with a flathead screwdriver, without turning the case, for precision coverage in tiny spaces.

Sturdy, accurate, and made just for golf course irrigation systems-the EAGLE 351B is the short solution to a long-time need, guaranteed.

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