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1800 PCS Screens

Under the nozzle pressure compensation screens help reduce pressure fluctuations. Use to control fogging of spray nozzles by reducing the incoming pressure or to reduce the radius of the water pattern. Take control of your system with 1800 PCS screens.

1800 PCS Screens

  • PCS-008- Beige

  • PCS-010- Purple

  • PCS-020- Brown

  • PCS-025- Pink

  • PCS-030- Silver 

  • PCS-040- Orange 

  • PCS-060 - Black

  • PCS-090 - White 

  •  PCS-125- Green

  • PCS-175- Yellow

  • PCS-260- Blue

  • PCS-370- Red



Plastic adapter for attaching Rain Bird nozzles to risers, ideal for irrigating ground cover and shrub areas.

Shrub Plastic adapter

  • PA-8S

Valve Box.jpg

Valve Box

The most complete line of plastic access boxes for housing irrigation control valves available. Found on golf courses, community parks, business parks, and schools, We provide valve box to meet any of your engineering specification needs.


Valve Box

  • 708-9-4

  • 809-9-4

  • 910-10-4

  • 1419-12-4

  • 1220-12-4

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