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Field Control Systems

Rain Bird® Field Control Systems are engineered to deliver the trusted performance that golf course professionals need to optimize course appearance and playability.

From best-in-class satellite-based systems to reliable field decoders to the dynamic new IC System,™ Rain Bird offers a full range of solutions. Choose Rain Bird field control for easy irrigation scheduling, adjustment, and maintenance.

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PAR+ES Controller

The easy-to-program, central control-ready Rain Bird® PAR+ES Controller features 72-Station capability, unlimited programs with central control, premium surge protection, extensive diagnostics, and a best-in-class pedestal enclosure.

  • PAR+ES Standalone Controller (16 Stations to 72 Stations)

  • PAR+ES Satellite with Two-wire (16 Stations to 72 Stations)

  • PAR+ES Satellite with Link (Wireless) (16 Stations to 72 Stations)

PAR+ES Retro Kit.jpg

PAR+ES Retro Kit

The PAR+ES Retro Kit is the perfect controller upgrade for low budget upgrade to extend the life of your irrigation system.

It can be installed in any Rain Bird small plastic or stainless steel pedestal as well as several other competitor's pedestal - with additional hardware required. Expandable from 16-station configuration up to 48 stations using plugin station output station modules with switches and station LED.



A technology long since proven on golf courses around the world, Rain Bird decoders provide best-in-class field control on centrally controlled irrigation systems. Installed underground and featuring simple, low-cost wiring, decoders are an aesthetically pleasing, fully featured, economical option for reliable in a field control 

Model/ Decoder Type

  • FD-101 - Single Address (1 solenoid)

  • FD-102 - Single Address (up to 2 solenoids)

  • FD-202 - Dual Address (up to 4 solenoids)

  • FD-401 - Four Addresses (up to 4 solenoids)

  • FD-601 - Six Addresses (up to 6 solenoids)

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