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Check Valves &
Pressure Regulators

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Check Valves

Prevents water from draining upstream of the check valve or back into the valve box. 
Use with a Back Flush Filter when a filter is at a lower elevation than the rest of the system.

Check Valves

  • CV-075:3/4"FPT x 3/4"FPT

  • CV-100: 1"FPT x 1"FPT

Inline Pressure Regulators.jpg

Inline Pressure Regulators 

Regulates outlet pressure to 30 psi, 40 psi, or 50 psi, can be installed above or below ground.

Inline Pressure Regulators 

  • PSI-L30X-075: 3/4"

  • PSI-M30X-075: 3/4"

  • PSI-M40X-075: 3/4"

  • PSI-M50X-075: 3/4"

  • PSI-M40X-100: 1"

  • PSI-M50X-100: 1"

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