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ISS Integrated Sensor System

Only the Rain Bird® Integrated Sensor System™ (ISS) delivers accurate soil sensor readings immediately following installation without calibration, and dynamic central control integration. Through accurate, real-time measurements of moisture, salinity and temperature, the Rain Bird® ISS can help save time, water and other inputs, while maximizing turf health.

The easy-to-install ISS can be used as a standalone system or can be seamlessly integrated with a Rain Bird central control. The ISS can even automate irrigation and adjust run times based on sensor feedback. Monitoring your course’s hotspots without breaking into a sweat. That’s The Intelligent Use of Water™​.

TSM-3 Soil Sensor.jpg

TSM-3 Soil Sensor

Rain Bird ® ISS offers an easy-to-install absolute sensor that provides accurate soil readings without calibration.

ISDL-2400 Wireless Data Logger.jpg

ISDL-2400 Wireless Data Logger

The data logger receives soil data from the sensors and sends it through the wireless network to the central control.

ISR-2400 Wireless Repeater.jpg

ISR-2400 Wireless Repeater

Strategically place multiple repeaters around your course to create a wireless mesh network.

ISG-2400 Gateway.jpg

ISG-2400 Gateway

Located at the computer, the gateway is the link between data loggers and repeaters in the field and the Soil Manager™ software.

ISS Soil Manager.jpg

ISS Soil Manager

From the convenience of your computer, receive accurate, real-time information on soil conditions, as well as manually or automatically adjust run times based on soil moisture, with Rain Bird's- state-of-the-art Soil Manager software.

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