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Drips & Bubblers

Fixed Discharge Drippers.jpg

 Fixed Discharge Drippers

Fixed discharge surface locating drippers manufactured from a polypropylene material which has a high resistance to a broad spectrum of agricultural chemicals. A designed annular pre-filter is located on the water entry path of the key.

Chevron Dripper

  • CD4

  • CD8



Adjustable full-circle bubbler designed for irrigating tree, shrub and flower areas

1300A-F - Adjustable Full-Circle Bubbler

  • 1300AF Bubbler With Screen

1400 Series.jpg

1400 Series

Pressure compensating full-circle bubblers designed for irrigating tree, shrub and flower areas where pressure compensation is required.


1400 Series - Pressure Compensating Bubbler With Screen

  • 1401

  • 1402

  • 1404

  • 1408

PC Dripline.jpg

PC Dripline

An inline emitter tubing that offers pressure compensation and superior clog resistance. Widely used on Tree Crops, Row Crops, Vineyards, Nurseries, Greenhouses and Flowers. (In coil of 100ft, 250ft, 500ft & 1000ft)

PC Dripline

  • LD-06-12

  • LD-06-18

  • LD-06-24

  • LD-09-12

  • LD-09-18

  • LD-09-24

  • LDP06121K

  • LDP06181K

  • LDP06241K

  • LDP09121K

  • LDP09181K

  • LDP09241K

CIS Mat.jpg


A watering mat that combines with driplines. It uses capillary action to irrigate by delivering water and nutrients directly to the roots of the plants. It is widely use in Nurseries, Greenhouse, Retail Outlet, Vineyards, Row Crops, Flower Beds, Etc.


  • 0.60m wide

  • 0.90m wide

  • 1.07m wide

  • 1.20m wide

  • 1.37m wide

  • 1.50m wide

  • 1.67m wide

  • 1.83m wide

  • 2.00m wide

  • 2.60m wide



When the cap is rotated, the flow and radius adjust from a gentle stream pattern, to drip and finally shut off. Suitable for small pots, big tubs, planter boxes, garden beds, landscaped gardens and nurseries. Under roses direct watering avoids wetting foliage. Ideal for hanging baskets.

Shrubbler - 0 - 33 Lph (180°/ 360°)

  • SDAF180 / SDAF (Dripper 4mm Barbed)

  • SDAFT180 / SDAFT (Dripper 4mm Threaded)

  • SDAS180 / SDAS (Dripper On Stake)

Light Density Polyethylene Pipe (LDPE).jpg

Light Density Polyethylene Pipe (LDPE)

Low-Density Poly Pipe is used with sprays and drippers and to provide water to micro sprays & micro emitters. ( In coil of 25m, 50m, 100m & 200m).

Light Density Polyethylene Pipe (LDPE)

  • 13mm

  • 19mm

Flexible Tube.jpg

Flexible Tube

A soft flexible black irrigation tubing for use in watering, (in conjunction with drippers or low-pressure micro sprinklers) shrubs, trees, flowers, vines, and many vegetable crops. UV stabilized for extended use outdoors.


Flexible Tube (4mm)

  • 10M / 25M / 50M / 100M / 250M

Safety Flow.jpg

Safety Flow

Safety Flow utilizes the movement of water in the soil by means of capillary action. It has a specialized geotextile which takes water from the dripper and spreads it rapidly so the soil can absorb fluid all along the system creating a wide and consistent wetting pattern.

Safety Flow

  • Safety Flow Wrap

  • Safety Flow Flat

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