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Welcome to CisgenX

Next generation irrigation control with sophisticated IoT & machine learning, advanced programming and unmatched sensing together with groundbreaking decoder technology

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Decoders per interface of which 125 can be sensor decoders


First of a kind machine learning  algorithm to  accurately predict water requirement


Sensor inputs through 2 wire and gateway

Irrigation 2.0

The most advanced irrigation control solution based on the most reliable hardware platform


- Unlimited Possibilities

- 125 sensor inputs through 2Wire
- Unlimited sensors through a combination of 2Wire and gateway
- Monitor flow throughout the entire pipe network for infinite control
- Monitor Soil moisture across as many micro climates as necessary
- Monitoring and triggering outside of irrigation a reality


- View station statistics and activate stations from mapview
- Start and stop programs and view active programs
- View sensor information
- Overlay maps converted from PDF documents (upto 99 levels)
- Switch between normal and satellite view
- Add custom markers


- Simplest programming in Irrigation 

- Soil moisture triggering (real-life management allowable depletion)
- Proven AI & Machine learning algorithm to predict water demand
- Time based programming 

- Precipitation based programming
- Learn flow
- Verify Flow

- Water allocation


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